It is an acknowledged fact that country and folk music are cousins, once separated by distance and even an ocean but now, in our ever shrinking world, free to reunite. Both are able to deal in infectious melodies and poignant imagery, dramatic deliveries and dexterous musical textures, but rarely is a song able to do all of that simultaneously, as is happening here. There is a richness and weight to the lyrics, a historical narrative which gets to the heart of the story-telling nature of the genres that drive the song and the music behind it is a wonderfully intoxicating weave of sonic splendour.

It’s safe to say that there is a lot going on musically, often an over played musical card but here executed perfectly with each instrument being allowed space to breath and room to manoeuvre to create this most effective of musical interplays. Untamed electric guitars and some fine and often fierce fiddle lines wrap around Luanne‘s vocals to form a sonic triptych that leads the song but this, of course, only works because of the perfect safety net provided by the tight rhythm section, deft acoustic guitar and other instruments.

And it is this interplay of dark dramatic scenes and scenarios painted by the lyrics and the infectious dynamics that frame it that make the song so powerful, a blend of folk’s aged wisdom and integrity and country’s accessibility and honesty. This is the sound of the modern age being fashioned out of traditional strands. Those strands may be well established, country stylings, rock muscle, folk dexterity and even a pop accessibility but song’s such as this are very much the sound of now, even if they come bedecked in very familiar trappings. But that is the art of it, the perfect balance of music that you are already familiar with being used to both push boundaries and acknowledge the past. Forget revolution, evolution is where it is at!

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