Long Long Time – Paul Haas  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If your image of country music is the stereotypical one of the sullen cowboy packing his dog and his guitar into his pickup truck and driving off into the sunset then you need a bit of Paul Haas in your life. More specifically you need a slice of Long Long Time. Its celebratory vibe and optimistic outlook will brighten anyone’s day, that’s for sure.

A lovely, lilting country tune, one which bristles with pop positivity, which is joyous to the point of euphoria which looks you in the eye and challenges you not to break out into a gentle bop or a sassy little boogie.  It is a homage to love, celebrated it in the broadest, heartbeat skipping, breath-catching sense and which blends deftly crafted simplicity with immediacy and imagination.

It is a song with a big heart, a song which is anthemic, ironic given its understated ways, but it is a wonderful yet perfectly mannered celebration of what love should be about. It’s the sound of pulses quickening, hearts racing and smiles breaking out. Quite simply, it’s a song about falling in love that you can’t help falling in love with…how great is that?

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