Better Days – Nate Wilkinson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Perhaps more than ever, we are all looking for inspiration at the moment; searching for that light at the end of the tunnel which might fill us with some sort of hope, a sign that the dark clouds will someday lift. Weaponised politics swirl around us, the stress of lockdown, not to mention the dangers of being exposed to the biggest pandemic in many lifetimes, seems to infect our every waking hour and the world seems a particularly hard place. But hope comes in many forms and Better Days is the perfect sonic torch in all this darkness.

This neat blend of acoustic deftness and rock drive is the perfect reminder that Better Days do indeed lay ahead of us. Those days might seem a long way off but such a positive song is a necessary stepping stone, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and a friendly musical hug and it is such seemingly small but wonderfully well-timed gestures which will see us through.

Splicing the sort of dynamic mix of pop sensibility and rock weight that the likes of Bon Jovi through around so effortlessly, Better Days would be a great song at the best of times. Today, it seems like nothing less than a critical part of a global healing process.

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