The intro track to KÍTA’s debut album is about much more than merely setting the scene. Its collage and collection of audio samples and soundbites reminds us that for all of the positive changes going on surrounding gender equality at the moment, there is still a very long way to go. An emerging alt-pop artist using the trojan horse of making a record to examine, expose, raise-awareness and even attack the imbalances and injustices of the industry that she works in, now that sounds like a brilliant act of defiance to me.

But it isn’t just the lyrics and messaging which feel revolutionary here, musically KÍTA kicks down generic doors and sonic barriers too. She has one foot in the pop world for sure, but she is using the other one to stomp all over expectations. She seems to be happy to dismantle the very constructs of pop itself and then re-arrange those building blocks into new musical shapes. Whilst you may hear gentle R&B grooves in songs such as Actions Speak More, pulsing pop depth-charges exploding at the heart of Things You Don’t Know and trap driven electro-soul skittering through the glorious Mississippi, it is all of the unexpected soundscapes, the staccato vocal stabs, the trip-hop grooves, the dance floor subversions and a hundred other wrong footed twists that she threads through her songs which are the real revelation here.

Some artists are important because of what they say. Others are important because of what they do to the musical landscape as they pass through. If you had asked me yesterday to name a new artist pushing both those agendas I might have struggled to answer. Today however, one name comes easily to mind. KÍTA.

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