The restrictions of lockdown have had a major impact on the music community. Among other things it has forced artist focus towards the extreme ends of the experience. This has meant that there has been a wave of songs which are highlighting the stress of the situation and the community spirit which is getting us through these difficult times. It has also meant that there have been plenty of songs focussing on the humour of it all, after all it is the ability to laugh at ourselves which often gives us the strength to carry on.

Charlie Christmas has opted for the latter approach and examines the art of drinking your way through such tough times. His lilting country acoustica is the perfect vehicle for his tale of the endless cycle of buying liquor, downing, and indeed drowning in its delights, and even dealing with the graveyard of empty bottles being created. It is a tongue-in-cheek tale of boredom boozing, drinking just because you have nothing else to do. And who amongst us has the right to judge him harshly, who amongst you can cast the first bottle of Stone’s Ginger Wine.

So let’s toast the oncoming oblivion, let’s celebrate the destruction of brain cells, let’s welcome the ensuing hangover and let’s clear some space in the recycling bin. If this is what gets us through then let’s raise a glass to…well, to raising a glass. 

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