I had the joy of reviewing an EP from LA-based singer songwriter Rivita a few years ago, I found her music sat between dance floor and reflective in electronic music, so its great to hear what she has been doing since then. 

Lonely With Someone plays out like a James Bond theme, atmospheric and haunting, with just the right amount of panache to and depth in production to deliver again and again on repeat listening. We start with a simple piano playing chords above synth waves but, as is typical with this artist, there is something else lurking beneath the surface. Her voice haunts and sits perfectly above the ethereal soundscape. We get heavily sequenced drums and tinkly echoing sounds before the tale of conflicting love is described.

I would have loved there to be some fanfare, the song build perfectly, but the track rips up the formula and opts for sampled soundbites and guitar solo, but the atmosphere builds and builds. I really liked it and look forward to more from her.

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