Tribal Love – Rivita (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

9Take a female singer/songwriter/producer from Delhi in India, give her a musical education from London and drop her into the boiling pot of influences of a city like, oh I don’t know… New York, and it would be pretty interesting to hear what she came up with, well Rivita is that woman and her new five track EP is currently being played into my ears.

I like to leave an album on loop when I’m going to review it and this album benefits from such a method because the depth within the production only really reveals itself through repeat listening and shows that this EP wasn’t cobbled together with little thought or planning, it knows what it wants to do and sets up the listener early with the opening track, ‘Galaxy’ (coming in at barely a minute in length), boldly stating “I speak the truth, and nothing but the truth”.

It’s a good opener, a strong appetiser, if you will, for the music to follow which dips it’s toes into electro dance, world music and straight laced pop with strong hooks and choruses, particularly ‘While The Love Is Gone’ (which you’ll be singing for hours afterwards).

This song gets a remix treatment within the EP with Rivita – who, as well as singing and writing these songs, also produces – clearly interested in exploring other treatments. Where the original mix seems to soar with the help of subtle backing vocals, the remix benefits from the inclusion of acoustic guitar. ‘Hunt You Down’ is a catchy pop song that, and I’m showing my age here, reminds me of 90’s band All Saints. That isn’t in any way meant as a negative, they bridged the gap between pop and ‘urban’ (whatever that means) successfully and ‘Hunt You Down’ wouldn’t sound out of place on any commercial radio, and is, again, an ear worm in waiting.

There is lots to enjoy in this snippet into the talent of the Dehli-Born, New York native, and this EP will act as a calling card for those wishing to delve deeper into the back catalogue of her work (which can be found at

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