I Don’t Wanna Die Young – Nathanael Philip Mosher (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term Jack-of-all-trades is often a misunderstood one, perhaps implying that the person doesn’t have the dedication to excel in any one area. But these are the artists that I find the most interesting, and artist is the perfect term for such people, as they tend to focus on producing art using whatever medium or materials are most appropriate creating a scatter-gun portfolio of work. And the best of such Jack’s are also masters of their art too.

Nathanael Philip Mosher is such an artist, having stepped deftly from writing to poetry to comedy to theatre to music, mixing and matching those mediums as he goes. Ahead of a self titled ep, he has released I Don’t Wanna Die Young a song about inspiration and achievement. It runs on rap vocals and a confident pop groove and lyrically it stands apart from the shallow self-aggrandisement that most of the genre is happy to work with. Here he extols the virtues of working hard and living long enough to see those works to come to fruition. And if not leaving a positive legacy and a strong work ethic in his wake.

And just to set himself apart even further from the run of the mill rappers, the songs outro has an epic and awesome sonic sting in the tail. 

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  1. Hey Dave! I sincerely appreciate this review so much. Many of the bloggers I’ve been written up about just take my press release and re-release it with their own name on the title of the article and so seeing someone thoughtfully consider my writing means the world to me. I love your bio! Although I don’t know what zenarchist means, I assume it’s some sort of hybrid between zen and anarchist, which seems like a cool mix. Anyways, thanks!

    1. Hi Nathanael, I’m not sure what a zenarchist is either, I just like the word, as you say, some sort of anti-establishment Buddhist I suspect. Glad you liked what I wrote, I always try to get to the heart of the music, otherwise what is the point of picking up the pen in the first place. When faced with a blank page its best to create something new there, I’m sure you agree. Good luck with the single and everything else that you create and do. I am just putting together this weeks Spotify list of the music I have been working with this week and have added IDWTDY on it. You’ll find it up on the site and you can get a taste of all the other wonderful artists I have been listening to and writing about.

      best wishes D

      1. Wonderful words “When faced with a blank page it’s best to create something new there, otherwise what is the point of picking up the pen in the first place”. I know that’s a transmutation of what your wrote, but I just needed to hear those words in general in whatever formation. Thanks so much, I’ll be adding myself to an email list and checking this website regularly!

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