I’m always going to be attracted to artists with such cool and controversial names, after all it shows that they think outside the box, avoid niceties and are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way. And if they are prepared to do that even before they have played a note, it means that the music is probably going to follow similar lines. JDDM is an east coast singer-songwriter with a fleshed-out, full band sound and Leave A Pretty Corpse is a great album of raw rock songs often taking an outsider or antagonistic stance. Why not, that’s rock and roll’s job after all.

Musically it eschews fad and fashion and digs deeper into rougher, more street wise musical traditions liberally mixing jagged garage rock vibes with stripped back songwriting. But it also weaves a wonderfully soothing and soulful thread through its harder heart, especially on the cool and reflective nod to New York City, It Pours. Feeding Time is a warped bluesy cascade of shimmering post-rock and chiming shoegazing shards, All Alone is a rock-soul, back street symphony and Suicide Note is a devastatingly beautiful scream in the dark. Oscar Wilde famously claimed that we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. If you are indeed laying out in some, urban back alley staring skyward, either metaphorically or literally, this is the perfect soundtrack.

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