Hate To Say  –  Zebulon Krol (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It comes as no surprise that the wonderfully named Zebulon Krol is both a producer and a singer-songwriter. Often the drive behind a track, especially in such pop-soul-urban territory, is either one or the other. This usually results in either a slickly produced song with forgettable lyrics or a deft vocal turn with clunky and clumsy music to back it up. Calling on his wide-range of skills garnered from across the music spectrum, Hate To Say is the best of both worlds.

Musically it glides along on cinematic instrumental washes and spacious beats but to top it off the vocals are both soft and sultry and even though talking about that age old subject of love, loss and unrequited passions, he manages to bring something interesting to the table. Not least of all honesty. For a change he isn’t saying dump your guy and give me a chance…actually, that is exactly what he is saying, he just does it in such a charming and gracious way that  it side steps all cliche. Zebulon Krol might be working in tried and tested territory, both musically and lyrically, but he more than proves that there is still room to explore these age old emotions in new and seductive ways.

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