Altered Cinder –  Luxury Eviction (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although normally associated with more intricate and wilfully over-saturated music, and also best known as the powerful vocal presence in alt-rockers Absinthe Junk, Altered Cinder is part of a musical project that sees Blair B. explore a more minimalist musical landscape. Working under the moniker of Luxury Eviction, space and atmosphere are equal parts to the instrumentation, allowing for the music to ebb and flow gently around the single vocal lines.

And it is this more open dynamic which is a revelation but it also proves that you can still create something emotive and beguiling from such minimal building blocks, it’s just a matter of choosing exactly the right building blocks and fashioning them into new and interesting designs. And Altered Cinder is more than just interesting. In its own understated way it is beguiling and hypnotic, gentle electronic beats and darkly shimmering synths laying down an intoxicating platform for her always intriguing lyrics and vocal prowess to ensnare the listener. Dark, electronic, alt-pop at its finest.

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