Paper Thin – Simon Lynge (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

A couple of weeks ago Simon Lynge’s brilliant album ‘Deep Snow’ popped into my stereo and a positive review quickly followed. The relationship between ‘Deep Snow’ and my stereo hasn’t ended, they get together on occasion and I have a cheeky listen to a few songs here and there, so it’s no great surprise that when the chance to watch a video of one of the songs from the album came my way, I took it.

‘Paper Thin’ is a fine choice and with the lyric “when you’re in the dark, in the middle of winter” brings you a clear idea of what theme to use for the track, you’re halfway there.

Looking like a title scene from a David Lynch movie the viewer is given very little to work with, a deserted road solely illuminated by headlights, a hooded Simon Lynge singing in an abandoned mine, shafts of light between wooden boards, grey rocks met by cold pools of water, it’s a desolate feel but cleverly so, his music isn’t crying out for dayglo colours and backing dancers, it’s thoughtful music and the video and music aren’t competing for attention.

If you’re familiar with Lynge’s work, check this out, if not… give it a go anyway.


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