Kyd Money – Kyd Money (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rap music may have come a long way from its South Bronx roots but as an artist it always pays to remember where it all began…sonically speaking that is. Kyd Money, both the artist and the single which takes his name, is the sound of two worlds colliding, the then and the now, the familiar sound of the past being made over for today’s audience. And it is this merging of old-school hip-hop with a fresher, more modern take on where rap goes next which makes for his signature sound.

The song is autobiographical, most rap songs are, but instead of wallowing in self-aggrandisement and faux gangster musical posturing, Kyd Money is a song about determination. It pushes the message that you should never give up, that no matter what others say about you, self-belief is what is really important, that and the drive to realise your dreams.

Kyd Money might not be there yet but it is this positive attitude and self-belief which means that there is very little doubt that he will get to where he wants to go. Positivity wins out every time!

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