I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why – Wolf Mason (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It might be a cliche to say that music is a form of therapy, but cliches exist for a reason and that reason is because, broadly speaking, they contain some truth. Wolf Mason knows this and his latest e.p, the engagingly titled I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why, is a collection of songs forged from the act of a young man confronting his demons, using music to understand them and, in doing so, hopefully conquer them.

Moving from the more cocooned confines of college to the big wide world can be a scary enough transition and we all deal with such journeys in our own, individual ways. Many rebel and take off on a wild run of partying, seeking to avoid responsibility, but that never really provides answers. After following just such a path Mason poured his troubled thoughts and restless nights into his music, turning chaos into order, turbulence into sonic expression.

Across four songs he questions and queries, pours out feelings and examines emotional responses. Idk How is a brooding flow of necessary self-doubt and useful self-analysis, Dear Jill is a sonic love-letter and the e.p terminates with Mariah, the sound of freedom and resolution, of sorts, the sound of someone having worked through their problems and come out the other side perhaps not with answers but maybe just better understanding.

When you face your demons you can either fight them or make them dance to your tune, this is the sound of Wolf Mason leading just such a dance.

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