Marching Forward In Battle – Da Grioht (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rap music, perhaps more than any other genre, has always relied on rebel technologies. From those early sonic splicers rewiring decks to create their new sounds to the modern grassroots artist embracing affordable tech such as iPhones and home recording to move that spirit forward. What I’m saying is that it is all about the spirit rather than the medium. About what you do rather than what you have. Having a glossy high-end production video is obviously desirable but does that mean that music made on a tighter budget is any less worthy?

Of course not. And Marching Forward in Battle is all about capturing the spirit and that is what is important. That is what has always been important. In fact there is a lot to be said for something this real, this relatable, this pure in its intentions. Take away the high production and what you have is pure honesty at work, nothing to hide behind but the lyrics and the message.

And the message seems to be: have a plan, be prepared, know where you are going. The bass does what the bass should do… its kick is felt in the chest rather than heard in the brain…the music meanders beguilingly and the lyrics flow deftly and land with poise and purpose.

Who needs gloss and glamour when you have heart and honesty?

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