Nadie Se Entera – Raymon G (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something interesting about the language barrier. Whereas music, especially that aimed at the modern mainstream audience, relies heavily on the direct communication of the lyrics to engage with the listener, take that connection away and you force people to engage with the music in purely emotional terms. That is what makes Nadie Se Entera, for me at least, such an interesting prospect. It is sung in Spanish and I have very little skill in that language. So where does that leave me?

It leaves me appreciating the other factors, the more emotive and less tangible ones that make up the song. The blend of urban club beats and sassy salsa grooves, the emotion in the voice rather than the meaning in the lyrics, the way that the song meanders through some sultry moves rather than sticks to tried and tested four-four templates, the space that allows the beats and voice room to do their work and the fact that even without the lyrical communication the song is wonderfully sensual, in an uptown, urban, digital sort of way.

All too often we listen to lyrics rather than the song itself but with the world becoming a smaller and more mixed place, culturally speaking, with English becoming less and less the go-to language to work in, with more music reflecting an artists roots rather than their desired destination, we are going to have to start listening to music more holistically, more thoroughly and more appreciatively again. And that can only be a good thing. Right?

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