Knockin’ –  Ro$ewood Renegade  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hip-hop has always dreamt big. Whereas many quarters of music have struggled with the battle of perceived integrity versus commercial success, Hip-hop artists have largely been okay with proudly saying –  “I want it all and I want it now!” It pays to be honest, I guess. Ro$ewood Renegade is one of those artists happy with the idea of taking his music to the mainstream. It may be music forged on the streets but his mission is to take it to the music industry boardrooms to get that coveted deal that will take him all the way to the top.

Built on sonorous, booming bass and the skittering, percussive triplets of the trap sound, he throws in some chiming electronica, but as is always the case, music of this nature is only as good as the dexterity of the lyrical delivery. Thankfully he has that covered and manages to offer up salvos of rapid rhyme and slices of lucid language as he makes his case for the door to the music industry to open up to him.

And you know, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later he is going to find himself on the other side of that mythical threshold!


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