Get Your Shit Together – Chuck W.  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Get Your Shit Together is like little that you have heard before. Well, it’s like little I have heard before and I basically listen to music for a living. I guess the clues where there to see in the track titles. What does Observation of Obfuscation really mean? Is it actually possible to have a Helicopter in My Head? Thingamajig? But as is always the case with new and ground breaking music you don’t have to understand it to enjoy it and I enjoyed it but certainly did understand it. But then I don’t need to, what’s life without mystery after all?

The album is like a Magpie’s nest made out of noise, found sounds, lo-fi sonic experiments, computerised bleeps and acoustic samples, shiny musical objects which somehow fit together – and even better sometimes don’t – to make a strange soundscape. Monoarm is like listening to a rave happening three doors down, distant, repetitive and low-ended, Microcassette 2  echoes with the ghost sounds of early arcade game soundtracks and All at Once is a strange, warbling wave of claustrophobia.

None of it really makes much sense, none of it could really be called a song. All of it is unexpected. All of it is unique. What’s not to love?

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