The Wild One – YellaCatt  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music makes the perfect platform for people who have something to say. In fact having done the work to get your creations to a point where you have a captive audience, where you have developed your own sonic signature so effectively that it is heard above the white noise of the modern musical world, it seems almost criminal to not use said platform to make a statement. YellaCatt is certainly about making a statement.

She blends blues and rock influences into a digital world, drives a cutting edge dance sound through traditional chart sounds as a vehicle to write about various aspects of female empowerment and personal freedom. Her songs are not the dry, rabble rousing of the more all-too-serious ends of the cause but neither are they the cliched pop statements of the girl power movement of previous eras.

YellaCat makes music which is fun and about having fun. Which is both about freeing the self and unifying the masses. Which is both deeply personal and universal relatable. In fact YellCats songs are so relatable that they are applicable to all ages and all genders…not that the guys really need the balance tipped any more in their favour…but as individuals there is still a lot to be learned from her messages of emancipation.

People have always called for freedom and equality, they just haven’t done it is such a fun, not to mention effective, way before.

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