Keep Winning – Impact The Truth Teller Ft. MM19 & Drugxn & VYXXB (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Keep Winning is the sound of a fifty year journey which began on the street corners, in youth centres and parties of South Bronx and which today has infused, influenced and opened doors all over the world, not least of all in Morocco. It’s also a great reminder of the power of music to cross culture and creed. Impact The Truth Teller draws his sonic posse around him to deliver a track which combines western trap grooves and lyrical dexterity but which has also absorbed some of the sounds of North Africa, not just because it wanders between English and Arabic to deliver its message, but in the subtle background sounds which drift through.

In fact, it sits at a wonderful creative collision point, where the past is merged with the sounds of today, where the established sounds of western music are fused with more exotic sonics, where language becomes fluid to the point that it is as much the emotion that gets channelled as the specific lyrical message. It is the perfect song for today’s world, a world where, technology, travel and mass communication means that more cultures are meeting and merging than ever before, where new forms and formats, sounds and sonics are being born as these cultures absorb something of each other.

Music is a wonderful, unstoppable, ever-changing, undefinable journey, and Impact The Truth Teller is the perfect example of where that journey has got to today.

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