The Sixth – Apex of Dark Mass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If pop music aims to create the ultimate short, infectious and snappy song, rock music, in all its forms, works with more weighty concerns, creating addictive music from heavy groove, incendiary riffs, thunderous beats, drama, tension and otherworldly sonics. Take that to the furthest end of the rock spectrum and you find Apex of Dark Mass.

Their sonic world is intense. In fact it is intensity squared! The beats are not just thunderous they are built from industrial deliveries, not only relentless but earth-shattering and unbelievably fast. On to this they add razor wire guitar riffs which are both technical yet primal, the sort of bass rumbles which laid Jericho to rubble and a demonic howl which beckons the listener down into the seven circles of hell.

When you have had enough of pops melodics, rocks grooves and even the most inhuman end of the industrial music scene is not doing it for you, then Apex of Dark Mass are there for you, offering a sonic experience unlike anything that you have heard before. Unless, that is, you are a regular a Satan’s Demonic Disco nights when Beelzebub is doing a guest set of the latest in Stygian Hardcore, and even then this will go largely unmatched by anything DJ Bub has in his musical arsenal.

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