Dance music, for all its good intentions, all to often easily gives up the search for cutting edge escapes and new paths to explore and as a result most of the music that falls into such that genre can be as predictable as formulaic pop or cliche-ridden rock. 

What I love about this futuristic blast of club culture from Sonic Radiation is that whilst from the very start it lays out a sort of sonic roadmap, an indication of the heavy and hypnotic grooves that it is going to rely on, from there on anything could happen. It’s like being in a familiar car but not knowing just where the journey will take you. And, of course, like all journeys, it is all about the joy of travelling not the arrival at the destination.

Infrared drives on energetic and intense waves, throws splintered electronica and pulsing beats around and from there pursues its repetitive and rhythmic odyssey to a glorious conclusion. Dance music? Perhaps, but certainly not that of the mainstream club. This is the soundtrack to a basement club night that is so hard to find that it has reached cult status, a club peopled by the effortlessly cool and the naturally outsider. A club of near mythical status. You may think that you know all about dance music but you can only truly say that once you have experienced Sonic Radiation’s future musical predictions.

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