Find You –  Alex Ga (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

For a first single Alex Ga shows a brave approach to the use of space right from the off. Many newer artists are often afraid to leave space in their music, feeling it safer to pile on the sonic textures and try to fill any and every corner of the song with tricks and motifs, counter melody and largely unnecessary additions. But it is in these pauses between the words and fade outs between the notes that the beauty of a song is often found, it is such room that allows the music to breath and be appreciated in its entirety. The fact that it is a good minute and a half before the song builds far beyond a vocal line and a dexterous guitar accompaniment shows a wisdom and understatement that most debut singles miss.

And even when the song does pick up pace it still employs some neat dynamic drops and dramatic returns which again underlies the thought behind the songwriting. Find You is a track perfect for the modern pop-picker, a balladic blend of chilled pop and cool indie vibes, an appealing and imploring set of lyrics, everything that will strike a chord with the mainstream music consumer. But it is also smarter than that, employing  a relaxed tempo to draw the listener gently in and a melodicism and quiet groove that is more addictive than you may, on first spin, realise.

And it is these restrained qualities that will be its strength. Whereas most pop is pitched as a sugar rush high designed to be consumed and then discarded in very short order, the subtle and supple nature of Find You bestow it with something that those other quick hit songs can only dream of. Longevity! In the battle between the instant high and the longer lasting slow burn, I’d take the latter any day.


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