We get so used to rappers and hip-hop artists coming from the “wrong side of the tracks” that a college math professor, entrepreneurial clothing manufacturer/designer, filmmaker and world traveler such as Chad Rico makes for a very refreshing change. His latest e.p., the contents of which are set for weekly release over the coming month, is also a refreshing change adding a certain element of refinement to the genre, both lyrically and musically.

The first release will be How You Make It,  a skittering slow rap blended with percussive beats to build the background structure with electronic washes oozing through the gaps between and punctuated by bombastic fist in the air stabs of chorus. Barbados is a smooth and sultry, louche and lazy delivery and all the cooler for it and All The Love eschews the material elements over life experience to a trippy-trap beat.

International Gentleman, which rounds off this quadruple release series salvo, is a song that runs on a sassy, 70’s funk groove carrying completely contemporary rhymes and rhythms, a slick make over of the current formula and a respectful nod to past genres that fuelled and inspired hip-hop in the first place. Hip-Hop done with decorum whilst loosing none of its inherent cool. 

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