Inch by Inch – Black Note Graffiti (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What puts me off most modern metal is that it always seems to get tied down in its own showboating, always trying to be the most intricate, employ the growliest of vocals, use the most kick drum beats, the biggest riffs, the most…well, just the most. What I warmed to immediately when I first heard Black Note Graffiti is that they understand that it is all about quality not quantity. Why do so many bands seem not to get that?

As Inch By Inch proves, yet again, the band are happier to pitch themselves somewhere between metallic bombast and a more melodic rock sound, one where you get value for money in sonic weight but where you can also appreciate the finer lines and cleverer structures at work. The riffs are still big but they are also well defined, raw energy abounds but is focused, working towards an end, it is a proper song rather than a musical stunt! In short, the band remembers to serve the song rather than the individual players; create something that works and everyone looks great, by association.

And this works, not only does it surf some big dynamic waves, it revels in the lulls between them. It is big but it is also clever. It is melodic enough for you to boogie about to and powerful enough to rip your face off. Take note. That’s how it is done.

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