Knights – Black Note Graffiti (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you were going to place Black Note Graffiti on a musical timeline of rock’s ebbs and flows, you would place them very much in the here and now. But not because they are just part of the modern pack particularly, more because they are forging a sound which is part past musical glories and part future potential, so on balance, they average out in the present day, musically speaking. Though I have to admit such an approach is not an exact science.

Knights is a fantastic blend of classic rock crunch and alt-rock swagger, a controlled piece built more of an understated growl and a splicing of rhythmic threads rather than any reliance of histrionics or flash. And because of this undulating, solid but often unassuming soundscape that they chose to navigate this time out, the vocals become the real focal point.

Knights is the sound of a band building tight and intense music, of blending threads rather than merely thrashing around, of riffs which are functional rather than frantic, of a band in control rather than careering. And it is a style I like. Not everything has to be over the top, showboating, ego-driven, even in the oft-theatrical realms of rock music, sometimes it is better to be unified team players, serving the song. Do that and you end up with a song which will endure, a song with longevity, a song for the long haul…a song like Knights.

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