Camaro – The Tristones (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Depending on how you look at things Tristan Clark, the man behind The Tristones, is either stuck in the past or a perfect parodist of it. Listen to Camaro’s lyrics and you could be forgiven for thinking that you had wandered down some sort of more innocent late seventies, yacht-rock time loop but that is probably the point. Camaro typifies that healthy attitude which understands that whilst you should be nothing other than professional about your music you shouldn’t take yourself as an artist too seriously. And the result is a smart and smooth song, one which plays with double entendres, is musically deft and well-observed and which is delivered with tongue firmly in cheek. (Ooh-err, he’s got me at it now!)

But why shouldn’t music be fun? And this is fun indeed. But it is also a funky, soulful slice of West Coast-infused, pop-rock, the sort of thing which sits somewhere between the more intricate sonic weaves of Steely Dan and Hall and Oates 80’s chart onslaught. And that is indeed good company to find yourself in.

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