I’m Not Your Slave/Wild & Free – The Godfathers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The Godfathers have always been about making music which does one thing. It kicks arse and it cuts the mustard. Okay, that’s two things but this is rock’n’roll, it’s not an exact science. There have been turbulent times in The Godfathers camp of late but they have always been a band who have managed to weather such storms and they have emerged from these recent antics as fired up and full of life as ever. Perhaps it is the friction which gives them the edge and the energy. After all, you have to be made of stern stuff to find yourself celebrating 35 years rocking the boards.

I’m Not Your Slave is classic Godfathers territory, big hitting, low-slung, gang harmony, rock’n’roll. Tight enough to get the boogie muscles moving, heavy enough to take your face clean off! After all, if you are going to do this sort of surly, punky, mob handed music, then there is no point messing about and The Godfathers are certainly taking things seriously. It’s just that they make serious music sound like it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Being that this is a double A-side release, if you flip the disc, virtually speaking, you find another paean to freedom called, Wild & Free. Again the perfect fist in the air, foot on the monitor, dance the night away slice of raucous, rebellious, raunch and roll.

The thing that separates the boys from the men, or should that be the sons from the godfathers, when it comes to music of this ilk, is that inherent element of danger. You can write the most hook-laden anthem going but unless it comes with the requisite vibe of wrong side of the tracks, outsiderism, a heady sonic shot laced with the right dose of swagger and attitude, you might as well be writing nursery rhymes. And if you want to know exactly what that means in sonic terms, well, just grab a copy of these two groovy fuckers and listen to the masters at work. 

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