And We Shine – Princess Thailand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Princess Thailand seem to use sound in the same way that Jackson Pollock used paint. It’s almost as if they throw it, almost unplanned, at the song creating random explosions of sound, producing striking shapes in random colours which clash just as much as they compliment. And then they hold this all in place by underpinning it with thunderous backbeats and pulsing bass lines and using Aniela’s vocals to help give it melodic form.

I’m sure things are more rigidly planned than that but the feeling that there are as many happy accidents taking place as there are structured ideas restores your faith in the belief that music should be revolutionary, unexpected and non-conformist. Art attacks and experimental thinking. That said, they also know how to turn out something which might easily fit into the more mainstream indie spectrum, as they demonstrate with the gorgeously off-kilter, lulling and loose In This Room. But it is when they are at their wildest that the magic really happens.

Opening salvo First Time is a snarling blend of searing noise-pop and surly, brooding interludes, We Shine meanders between My Bloody Valentine’s drifting haze and an industrial, buzz-saw groove and Into Her Skin descends from angelic and ambient into shattered, raw-edged, white-hot feedback.

It is the music of madness, of lunatic raving, of fever pitched frenzy, of chaos and confusion. But also of melody and muse riven inspiration, of exploration and boundary-testing.

What’s not to like?

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