Daughters of the Sun – Africali  reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Africali make music which is the equivalent of cutting a sonic gemstone. Hold it up and it throws out all manner of different colours and patterns depending on how the light catches it. The same can be said of Daughters of The Sun. Turn it one way and pick up on Afro-rock rhythms and heady, tribal beats, another and it reveals it’s psychedelic vibes and trip-hop roots. Keep repeating this and you find contemporary jazz, funky blues and sunshine pop perkiness. Kaleidoscopic and beguiling.

There is an art to mixing colour just as there is to mixing music. Blend too heavily and you end up with a homogenous, unappealing drab hue but get it right and you can create something that really stands out. This is the perfect example of such sonic artistry at work, a revelation of Day-Glo hues and sunshine grooves marking the way to a bright new musical future.

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