Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down) – AFTR (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We live in a world currently looking for some sort of equilibrium. A world were the skewed and age-old balances of race, religion, gender, and even size and personal image are finally getting the attention that they deserve. And it is to the last on that list, highlighting issues around size, body image, shape and the freedom to be who you are, that AFTR’s latest track and accompanying video concerns itself.

Ahead of a full e.p. release to follow MAY, Humboldt Swagger is a cool calling card, one which infuses techno beats and house vibes with Pepper Gomez’ often cryptic, punning and double entendre-laced poetry. But it is the video which perhaps drives the message home, the message being that we need to destroy the “one size fits all” philosophy, those tired and outdated images of conformity, of ideal shape and weight as dictated and enforced by the fashion media and remember that beauty is all around us and in everybody. Viva Le Difference!

The sound might be very much that of Nu-Chicago’s hottest clubs but the message is universal. It’s time for a change and this is the soundtrack to that call-to-arms. Setting the world to rights has never sounded, or indeed looked, so sexy!



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