Idle Time – Dolo Don (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Idle Time, the debut track from Dolo Don, offers some old-school soul vibes as it kicks into life, a wealth of cascading strings and a rising dynamic before cutting back into a starker, more contemporary delivery which matches the directness of his honest tone. He’s a pragmatist, keeping his head down, not being swayed by the opinions of others, biding his time until it is exactly that…his time.

The song is built on understated yet driving beats, coloured by sonic washes and detail is added via neat little musical motifs. But as always with rap music, it is the words and the delivery which is the be-all and end-all, and here Dolo Don plays his trump card, a constant flow of subtle and supple lyrical salvos, never pushing too hard but always landing the words with enough intrigue and interest to keep the listener engaged.

The real charm of the song is its patience, it’s all about timing really, about knowing when to wait and when to move. Dolo Don may have time on his hands for now but when it is time to spring into action, he sure isn’t going to miss his moment to shine.

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