Three/4 –  Spark I aM’ (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something wonderfully circular about a hip-hop artist struggling to find their place in life both personally and artistically and then using that experience as the inspiration to write an album. They say that you should always write about what you know so an album inspired by the trials and tribulations of an artist trying to find his way resulting in a permanent record seems the most honest creative course that you can take. Too many artists, especially in the urban field, seem more than happy to mythologize, self-aggrandise, to re-invent themselves just to sell records, Three/4 rises above such games and just tells it like it is.

Spark I aM’ revels in a spacious, brooding alt-hip-hop form, one that is built more from atmospherics than instrumentation. Often it is just a minimalist beat, striking just often enough to hold things together, some drifting electronica adding mystique and mood but the minimalism of his radical approach means that it is the dexterous lyrical flows and personal missives that take centre stage. And that, after all, is what rap is all about.


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