Oh God – Peace Spirits (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When times are tough, as they certainly are right now, when you feel that there is too much on our plate, that perhaps we don’t know how to carry on, we all look for something to lean on to something to help us through. Some turn to more destructive methods to try and blot out reality, some turns to friends for support and others look to a higher power for guidance. Oh God is quite simply that sentiment turned into song. It is a gentle plea to whatever higher power you feel is guiding your life or providing the support you are needing, an act of devotion made into music, a sonic prayer to the powers that be.

And even if faith is something yet to find its way into your life, as a sweet, soulful sentiment, as just a soothing piece of music and lyrical expression it is a great listen. Heartfelt, honest and wonderfully sincere. A lovely piece of music creating lovely music of peace.

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