Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say Yes –  Paradame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It isn’t unreasonable to say that Paradame makes progressive pop. Her music certainly ticks all of the boxes of the pop genre, cool dance grooves blended with accessible melodies driving sultry, slick and addictive vocals, but the music is also exploratory and brave, wandering off of the beaten track of convention in search of more interesting sonic paths to follow and new musical templates to play with. And this blend of the familiar and the fresh, the expected and the surprising is the charm of Paradame’s approach.

It wanders between beat driven conformity and drifting intangibility, solid structures and pulsing futurism. It is recognisable as pop but this feels like a new take on the form, one aimed less at the quick hit and the box- ticking aiming to please, instead preferring to beguile and provoke, avoid being second guessed and propose a new take on what pop music can be today and hint at the potential of what it might be in the future.

But the icing on the cake, as the title hints at, is whereas most songs in the pop marketplace are saccharine, throwaway tales of inconsequential events in modern life of a young artist, of love, longing and the loss of an i-phone in the pointless lives of Generation X-box, Paradame instead prefers to pose the biggest of questions, one pertaining to the origins of civilisation itself, to alternative archaeology, forbidden topics of debate, outsider theories and hints of help from ancient astronauts in mankind’s fledgling years. 

I bet it has been a while since a pop song posed such pertinent and poignant questions that’s for sure. And that’s the Paradame Shift at work!

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