Hands On – Jamit and Kroissenbrunner (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music which comes labelled with the name Jamit on it, and in this case his regular sonic partner in crime Kroissenbrunner too…is, to reappropriate a much used cliche, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. But at least here you can make a few educated guesses based on what has gone before. 

You know that the music is going to fall into the broad dance genre, it will be up-tempo, possibly to the point of hypnotic and trance-infusing, it will employ samples garnered from any number of sources, it will not quite fit into any neat musical pigeon-holes or match many preconceived expectations and, most importantly, it will make your day.

Hands On is all of that and more. It shimmers with futuristic electronic glee before the beat picks up, quickly propelling it into a headlong rush of euphoria and energy, frenzy and frenetic fun. As always the sampled vocals are half-heard, disembodied, disjointed and bizarre in their content, all adding to the mystique and madness which lurks just below the surface.

But for all of this fast-paced weirdness, it is also smooth and soothing, sort of like a New-Age relaxation take accidentally set to run at ten times the speed. But more importantly whilst wandering around the fringes of alternative dance and underground clubland vibes, it goes places that most music made in this field could only dream about. I’m not quite sure wear it goes and I certainly couldn’t point to it on a map but isn’t it better to be curious than merely content?

Depending on your answer to that last question you will know if Jamit and Kroisenbrunner’s music is for you and if it isn’t then perhaps we can’t be friends after all.

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