I Need You/Apocalypse Now and Forever  –  The Stone MG’s  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What a difference a video makes! Okay, we have been here before, I Need You found its way to us not so long ago and it is safe to say that we admired its deft weaving of rockish warp and soulful weft into a gorgeous sonic design, one that tipped its hat wonderfully to the past whilst striding confidently into the future. It is back, this time with a video attached and proving that a song can be great when experienced through the usual audio sensory intake but add a visual package and that experienced is heightened no end.

With the video tagged Apocalypse Now and Forever and pieced together from footage from Coppola’s iconic document of one man’s descent into madness on the fringes of the Vietnam War, this is well and truly an homage to that film. And if songs are emboldened by the perfect video, the same is true of films and their soundtrack, the original referencing the sound of the times by featuring the likes of The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and of course The Door’s majestic dirge, The End. And if The Stone MG’s had been of that era or even making such music in 1979 when the film was shot, you feel that I Need You would have been the perfect addition to those classic sounds that underpin the screen action.

As stated before I Need You harkens back to 60’s soul revues and funky underground blues bars, it is the sound of 70’s soul with a gym membership or R’n’B evolving into rock music. And even if we can only associate the music with the film retrospectively if ever the film was re-mastered and additional music was included, I Need You would fit right in both musically and because like Apocalypse Now it manages to cast its creativity back through time and perfectly capture a moment. I Need You…if not “Now,” then when?


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