Whispers – Invadable Harmony (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

For all the big and obvious sounds I get to listen to on a daily basis as a music reviewer, it is the more studied, the more ambient and more intricate sounds that I look forward too. I, of course,  appreciate a pop hook, a rock riff and a well executed roots manoeuvre but there is something about music that uses space and anticipation to build its drama and atmosphere as readily as it uses instruments and structure that I find appealing. To find Invadable Harmony back before the reviewers pen is therefore a joy.

Whispers carries on very much in the style of Beneath The Surface which first brought Invadable Harmony to my attention. That perfect blend of musical light and shade, the mix of modern electronica and classical, and indeed classic sounds, the past and the present, the complex and the contemplative. It is music forged at the meeting points of many often mutually exclusive styles but rather than clash they compliment. 

Haunting Regrets is a blend of fractious and chiming sounds put to gentle strings and fallen angel vocals, The Death Lurker is a bruising and brooding balladic dirge and Far Away is a lonely waltz for one. This is the beauty of sadness, the sound of melancholy as a creative force and once again nobody does it better than Invadable Harmony.

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