I Guess I’m Changin’  – Bray & The Dens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There seems to be a line which runs through the musical reference points of Bray & The Dens latest offering which joins slick, late 70’s Yacht Rock, 80’s new pop and the defter end of accessible, contemporary indie music. And that isn’t a bad journey for any song to embark on, picking up as it does the smooth vibes and neat production of the former, the cool modernity of the latter and the easy melodicism of the middle point. 

Infuse that with an easy-going west coast feeling that undoubtedly come naturally to musicians soaking up the San Francisco vibes and you have a mass-appeal, sure-fire,  winner. There real charm of the song is that it sounds like the band aren’t even trying. I know that in all music there is a swan analogy at work but if you can make things sound this natural, this effortless whilst simultaneously so addictive and snappy, how can people not love what you do?

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