Yesterday – Xalser (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest song from Xalser takes pop along some interesting sonic pathways. It starts off in fairly familiar territory, a chilled, soulful, R&B groove built of sultry tones and casual beats, doing exactly what you might expect it to. And then about a minute in it mutates into a wonderful, futuristic, alternative-dance hybrid. Although dance is perhaps not the word as its explosive electronic washes, minimalist breakdowns and off-kilter beats are probably not the easiest to follow. Perhaps it is dance but somehow it seems more clever, more exploratory than that.

Songs like this are perhaps as important for the finished result as they are for how they get there. By that I mean that not only is Yesterday a cool clubland song, and definitely one of the most beguiling that you are going to hear on almost any night but it makes for a great template for others to follow. It feels like sonically it opens doors as to new ways of making such music, shows that it is okay to test the boundaries, to splice outside genres with established musical form, to be daring, to be different.

In short, a strange, new, beguiling musical beast and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

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