Eyes Open – No Small Matter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Remember that film that featured Talking Heads on a road trip through the California desert, the one where they stop off at a bar and end up jamming with the house band, who just happen to be Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band? No, of course you don’t, I just made it up. But if anyone had made that film then the main song on the soundtrack album would sound a lot like this.

I guess that Eyes Open is alt-rock, if you are big on generic labels, but it wanders some fairly avant-garde sonic backroads too, mixes groove with grunt, melody with mania, fun with frenzy. Whilst most alt bands are busy making sure that their complicated hair looks just right and ensuring that they are wearing the right designer labels, No Small Matter just get on with the task at hand. And the task at hand seems to be using contemporary rock music to time travel back to an acid soaked, darker, heavier, flip side of the Summer of Love….The Winter of Mind-Freak perhaps. And that certainly sounds like a place worth visiting.

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