Sometimes you just need music which hits all the right spots, something fun and funky, something that washes over you and enters your body by some sort of groove-based osmosis rather than requiring you to put too much effort in. And when you are in that sort of mood then you can turn to Nikavo.

To say that Yummy Miami oozes with good time vibes is a bit of an understatement this song is the personification of good time music, the temple at which good time music worships. It comes as no surprise that Nikavo is based in San Francisco, such grooves personify the West Coast though their Swiss and Russian backgrounds might be less expected.

House grooves, funky guitars, old-school disco and techno beats are all woven together into a song which not only celebrates the act of quitting the rat race and heading off into the sun but is, in itself, both a catalyst for and the sound track too such an act of fun, rebellion and abandon.

No TV, which would be its B-side if such things still existed, is an equally funky slice of clubland celebration, one which takes a slightly more weighted and intense approach to throwing caution to the wind.

Everyone has heard of The Summer of Love, but give Nikavo six or eight months to work their magic and build up some momentum and we will be ready for The Winter of Discotheques.


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