So excellent is this song that I am going to break out all the special S-words—sultry, sensual, soulful, sophisticated and…well, sensational. Make the most of it, it doesn’t happen very often, but Gary Palmer‘s new cut warrants it, to be sure.

Based on the spiralling sonics of his saxophone, the coiling riffs and lazy, late-night vibes, the song builds its ever-changing dynamic by adding big vocal choruses to balance his cool, calm, collected playing. And so I Get Lonely wanders between big, cinematic chorus and film-noir meditations. A strange sonic juggling act but a very effective one – opposites that attract, actually, more than attract, opposites which make for perfect, if unexpected, bed-fellows.

Relaxed, meditative and full of soul but also big, brash and brilliantly bold.
(I’m in an alliterative mood today, it would seem.) An instrumental track that wanders just enough into the lyrical realm to add a bit of drive and colour. Beguiling stuff, indeed.

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