Chicago By Morning – Remix – Gary Palmer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world is fashioned as much by the millions of seemingly small decisions that individuals make every day as it is by national policy and global movements. It is fair to say that Gary Palmer’s decision to wrap up his career in law enforcement to return to his early passion of making music was one that has changed the world ever so slightly. I’m sure that law enforcement will manage just fine without him but his music actually makes the world a better place to live in. (Not to say that that isn’t true about his old career, but you know what I’m getting at here.)

Taken from the album Coast 2 Coast, this release reflects the nomadic nature of the albums writing and Chicago By Morning is a wonderful calling card for his neat line in smooth jazz. Smooth, for sure but funky too, this is anything but your run of the mill cocktail bar entertainer, this is music which is exciting and groovesome but without being over dramatic or showboating. What you have is a saxsation, a smooth-jazz operator whose music easily informs you just how adept a player he is, just how great a composer and arranger he is without ever having to go to great lengths to prove it to you. Sometimes a little tease, a little allure is all that is required to be seductive and that is certainly true of Gary Palmer.

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