I Can’t See The Light – Tombstones in Their Eyes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Forgive me for repeating something which tends to raise its head whenever I put pen to paper on behalf of a new Tombstones In Their Eyes record, but it does really get to the heart of what makes them stand out from the rest of the post-punk pack. As the imaginary needle drops on the illusionary disc, I never fail to be amazed at the absolute breath of their music and I Can’t See The Light is no exception. Amazed at the contrast between cavernous walls of sound and deft, understated interludes, between the searing squalls of guitar and the often half-heard vocals expertly doggy-paddling in an effort to keep its head above the sonic waters, between the sheer beauty and raw danger, the less and the more.

Opposites attract, and there is no doubt that the band makes an attractive sound. Those who have been paying close attention will recognise this track as the opening salvo from 2016’s Bad Clouds e.p. and that is because it is paving the way for a double album anthology of their music called, appropriately enough, Collection. But there is nothing wrong with revelling in highly representative past glories to remind us of the singular road the band have been travelling, and I Can’t See The Light is glorious indeed.

Collection will act as the perfect overview of the band’s great sonic works to date, but why wait? Armed with this fine single as the perfect link to the past why not just head off down the wondrous rabbit holes that it offers, who knows what you might stumble across. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

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