I shouldn’t be writing this. I shouldn’t need to. Anyone who reads this site, who agrees with my tastes or knows that the common denominator of of this place is that if it makes the cut its worth checking out, should just take on board the fact that Tombstones in Their Eyes has a new record out and just go and buy it. You trust me right? Well, then just do it.

For those who are maybe new here or haven’t read my previous missives about their glorious sound, let’s just go through it one more time. Tombstones…see I’m already on first name terms with them, make music that is both exquisitely beautiful and raw, cavernous and epic. Imagine My Bloody Valentine playing with the spirit of Black Sabbath, tough I know but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. How about Sigur Ros paying tribute to Talk Talk? No? Shame, I quite like that one. To be honest I could keep making up such unlikely pairings and it still doesn’t really capture what the band is about. Best you just go and buy the album! Still not convinced?

Okay, take Open Skies, a song simple in structure yet epic in its delivery. As a starting point for the album it is perfect, it explains their ability to write fairly basic musical first drafts and then through skill, technology, and possibly otherworldly magic, build worlds out of them. That’s the scale we are talking about here. Behind My Mind is claustrophobic and intense, layer upon layer of instrumentation weighing you down and pushing on the brain and really getting those synapses firing. That’s a good thing right? You won’t get that from the latest wave of wailing pop-tarts or cliched, foot on the monitor rockers.

Tracks such as I Believe remind us that the band can throw in additional and addictive melody if they so wish and the title track is like Brit-pop…only on Ketamine. I mean, the grooves are there, the song is fairly infectious, it just seems to be at the wrong speed and coming from two doors down. I will never listen to Brit-pop any other way from now on. Not that I listen to it anyway.

Look, if you haven’t decided to purchase Maybe Someday by now then we can’t be friends any longer. I’m sorry but that is just the way it is. I don’t know how else to say it. Go. Buy. The. Flippin’. Record.


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