Why beat around the bush when you can get straight to the point? It saves a lot of time right? And that seems to be the ethic behind Elizabeth the Second’s approach as they let loose their debut release upon the world. We have already encountered opener and first single No One Cares so we knew what to expect. Heads down, no nonsense, mindless indie-trash rock, right? Well, not quite, and that is the real joy of this first e.p. If the aforementioned single was a wanton slab of crunchy guitars, punk swagger and power chord thrashes, and that would be good enough if Two Margaritas… carried on doing just that, what follows offers a few unexpected elements.

The following track Mickey still holds all of those sonic cards but adds in some hazy guitar lines, not exactly shoe gaze but certainly tipping a hat to the guitar sounds more often found in those generic climes. Yesterday I Was 20 throws in a few textured harmonies and Who-esque riffs with Soho again displaying their unique blend of 60’s grooves, punky attitude and raw 21st century indie moves. The record rounds off with some reggae infused rhythms and staccato deliveries in the form of Gimme One Euro, adding yet another string to their musical bow.

Elizabeth the Second are the right band for the right time. They mix nostalgia with forward-thinking, smart musicality with out and out raucousness. They take an outside line that touches on almost every decade of the modern musical era. Sixties power-pop, seventies punk, eighties new wave, nineties Brit-pop and more modern indie sounds too. They are a band who tick a lot of boxes and that is why people are going to love them.

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