Happiness is Hard – Keith Curtis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a gentleness to the music and intimacy to the voice that greets you as Taking Off And Landing opens up this latest three-track offering from Keith Curtis. Guitars are picked, mandolins chime and harmony vocals wrap themselves around his accessible deliveries and although the song runs along at a reasonable pace, it is understated and spacious to behold.

Real Good Love takes a more bluesy route, slower and more considered, cocooned in scintillating slide guitars and sultry harmonica, gospel voices and slow, swaggering grooves and Calculate, the closing track, is an even more minimalist track, one where the whisper of the vocals and the openness of the guitar melodies make it seem like a late-night conversation with a close friend, rather than a song for public consumption.

And that is what is so great about what Keith Curtis does. He makes music that feels personal to each individual listener, which feels like one side of a conversation, which makes you feel like the only person it was intended for.

Some music feels special but it is a rare artist that can make you, the listener, feel special, but that’s what he does.

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