As the video neatly demonstrates, Blake Red is no slouch when it comes to the musical input on her records, here wielding vocals, bass, guitars and who knows whatever else for this latest single and its tale of rebirth. Rock it may be but it is rock will all of the usual baggage and cliche left behind so that the result, whilst ticking plenty of boxes for the rock and metal fan, feels, appropriately, like a new sonic beginning.

The Cradle is a real groover but it is the blend of rock weight and sharp and infectious melodics which make it land so perfectly. She plays with rock and roll sonic excess but doesn’t do so…excessively, the music is technical and intricate but not at the expense of harmony and tune.

And that is the art of it really, knowing where the boundaries lie and making sure that what you are doing serves the song, not the ego. And if you are not sure how that works, just give this song a spin…. or ten.

Some people could learn a lot from this song. I would say that they know who they are, but that’s the problem, they don’t.

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