Swirling about between, and forged out of all of the best bits that the folk and pop genres have to offer, Circle is a disarmingly gorgeous song. It’s as simple as that. It blends charming, chiming and understated pop with the authenticity of folk, throws in a few indie vibes, some almost nursery rhyme sonics and just enough rock guitar lines to drive the whole thing along and what comes out the other side is damn near perfect.

And then the band pull off the trump card. A performance video that they hardly feature in, their parts played by children and looking much more charismatic than your average band promo footage…no offence guys but you know what I mean. Well, you must do, you made the video.

Music doesn’t have to be brash and bombastic to make an impact, it can be clever and cooly understated, sweet and full of innocence, even when made by musicians who have been around the block a few times. Again, you know what I mean.

The message. Never stop looking at the world through the eyes of your inner child. Every time you lose your hold on that idea, play this track.

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